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LinkedIn Profile on Google

Here are 4 Tips to Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results

1. Complete your profile

The number one way to rank in more search results is to provide more information with a complete profile. LinkedIn does a great job prompting users to fill in each section with details. Ensure your profile strength says “All-Star.” If you need more help creating a great LinkedIn Profile check out my LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix video course.

2. Customize Your Public Profile URL

Go to your LinkedIn profile view and at the bottom of your profile header, you’ll see your current URL for LinkedIn. Click on the little wheel to edit it. From there a new window will open your public profile, the version other LinkedIn users see when they are not connected with you yet. Look for the box in the right side column that says ‘Customize your public profile URL’.


You’ll then be presented with options to edit your actual URL. If available, use your first and last name (not your company name). This is how people search for you. If your name is not available it means that someone else has already claimed it. Try to add a hyphen (-) in between your first and last name or maybe a middle name.

3. Make your profile public !

Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results

Even Google likes LinkedIn profiles. If you do a search for someone’s name and they have a good presence on LinkedIn, chances are that the link to their profile shows up in the top 10 search results. BUT… unfortunately when I work
with clients I often discover that their settings were wrong and they had their public profile visibility completely turned off. So please go and check those settings right now. Here’s how:

  • Edit Profile mode
  • Click on ‘Edit’ next to the public profile url in the top section of you profile
  • On the right hand side make sure that ‘Make my profile visible’ is selected

4. Display your full last name

In order to have a public profile you need to be willing to display your full first and last name.